The expression “air transport” gives us the immediate idea of ​​transporting passengers. But what the common citizen does not immediately realize is that, in the cargo transport sector, the air modality occupies a very important spot in the international transport field. Furthermore, it has a great tendency of growth all over the world. Apart from transporting the cargo at a much higher speed than other modes of transport, air transport has very low levels of damage and loss, thus resulting in greater safety and reliability.


Safe transportation due to strict airport security policies

Air freight is the fastest shipping service

Air cargo is easy to monitor in real time

Possibility to transport to virtually any destination in the world

Air transport offers faster customs clearance as the cargo is unloaded quickly


– Air transport tariffs are usually higher than other services

– Considering the dimensions of the planes, the capacity is reduced

– Air freight offers some restrictions on some types of cargo, which may be related to the dimensions or typology of the cargo

Why choose air freight?

Air cargo is submitted to rigorous physical and documentary verification in order to confirm that it complies with all IATA (Air Transport Association) standards. Note that the reasons for selecting this type of transport may be related to the urgency of sending/receiving the cargo. Since air transport offers short transit times and the customs clearance time is also reduced, it ends up being the right option for situations that reflect some urgency. It is also indicated for delicate and/or valuable loads given the handling and safety conditions applied to this type of transportation.

If the goods to be transported are hazardous goods (ADR), they must be accompanied by a security declaration that is imperative to be completed and signed by a certified ADR IATA technician. In addition, a separate storage of incompatible substances is also required in accordance with the safety standards, and the cabin crew being informed about the type of dangerous goods that are being transported and their exact location in the hold of the aircraft.

Air transport is becoming increasingly important in the world of transport and logistics. Despite the crisis that has shaken the aviation sector in recent months, we believe that this mode of transport will be the future of an integrated logistics that is progressively faster and more efficient.